29 Apr 2015

Wicked Wednesdays - Mummy Shaming

My finest parenting moment this week - Toddler45 decided to lie face down on the pavement on the way home from nursery  and have a full tantrum because I wanted him to get back in the buggy. What did I do? I laughed and took a photo obviously!

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26 Apr 2015

The Ultimate Guide To Mummy Maintenance - A Blogger Collaboration

Over at Moderate Mum, the lovely Charlene has brillliantly answered my question on dealing with your identity shift once you become a mum. So in return, I'm answering this question...
..."You seem like you've got your beauty groove down...With the time and practicality of keeping up with all the womanly grooming I used to love pre baby, I'd like to know, what's your ultimate guide to mummy maintenance?"...
I feel ill-equipped to answer this, being a self-confessed slummy mummy but I have gained a lot of confidence since I had my son - or as I see it, I give a shit less. If I want to wear make up/look nice, I will, if I don't, I won't. However, it's massively time dependent, so I just like things that make me feel good, which in turn I think make me look good. Here's what works for me.....

Hair Colour
I have really dark hair so never coloured it due to expense/faff. Now I have lots of little grey fuckers hairs so needs must. I am really enjoying trying out life as a red-head. It's an easy change, took an hour or so to do and I feel really good about myself! I think it's something nice and fun also. I use this shade

I've always had a bit of a thing about a well plucked eyebrow. It's one of those things that just brightens your whole face without people being able to put their finger on what you've done...I tend to get mine threaded 2-3 times a year (it's about £10) and then maintain the shape myself at home.

Foot de-hobbitting
Having nice nails - hands and feet - can really boost my mood. To this end I've started bunging a quick bit of foot-scrub on my tootsies in the shower every few days and slapping on the moisturiser and socks before bed. My feet and nails look much better and ready for a quick bit of polish when the sun arrives!

Not posh expensive ones, just investing in decent polish and a shiny topcoat and then ear-marking time to do it. I do my nails on a monday evening after all chores are done. I settle down to watch Revenge and by the end my nails are done and dry . I then go to bed so no risk of damage. My favourites are Dorothy Shoes nails using the shades below. For the record, glitter polish hides chips really well. Also, if you're a fan of Rouge Noir colour polish, update your look by going for a dark green or navy blue.

 Make up routines
This is a case of really knowing what works for you and for what occassions. I have 3 different looks depending where I'm going and how much time I have. I know exactly what order to do it in and what products I need. I can do my make up in 10mins or 20 as a result. Even with "assistance" from Toddler45 who loves applying make up to himself. He's a whizz with a powder brush!

Tutorials - Buzzfeed
A lot of mums I know struggle with the image changes post-baby. The hormonal soup we're in often results in changes to skin, hair and size, so sometimes we don't know what suits us any more. On my frequent night wakings I have spent an *embarrasing* amount of time on Buzzfeed. Which has its uses. 

Not just to tell me what's happened to those 90's hunks I loved (erk) but they have some great make up, hair and clothing tutorials on Buzzfeed Beauty. I learned most of my eyeliner tricks on there. So if you're up at night or have some spare time, check out those tutorials. Pinterest is also great for this and Bloglovin makes it very easy to find beauty bloggers.

Tip - remember that you don't need to look Pinterest Perfect. It's more to give you ideas about what might suit you and new things to try - and then adapting them to work for you and your life. You might also like this post.

Accessories - Amazon
There is little opportunity to shop solo as a parent. Particularly for accessories, which need a bit more time than a smash and grab shopping trip allows. This is where online shopping is your friend - and Amazon in particular. 

You can try all sorts of new jewellery, scarves, leggings, tops - whatever takes your fancy - for very little cost at all. This can be reflected in the quality but for a quick perk me up, or way to change your look, it's really good. Recently I've bought a pair of black spiked hoops and some blue galaxy style leggings, both for less than £5. 

If you're looking to splash a bit more cash and get something unique, you could do worse than try Stella and Dot. It's relatively new to the UK but featured in quite a few fashion mags already so perfect for birthday and Christmas pressies. Their statement necklaces and charm bracelets/chain are fab but I love my tech wallet in cobalt best.

Soooooooo that's my best effort at mummy maintenance - what are your top tips and links - do share with us below!

Thank you and goodnight,

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22 Apr 2015

Wicked Wednesdays - Evil Mummy Strikes Again....

So this picture happened.

I can only assume he's pissed off about being forced to have a picnic lunch on the balcony in the sunshine. Also cross at then being put in shorts. Maybe it's because they weren't sequinned like my shorts are.....

Anyway, that's my contribution to #wickedwednesdays!

Thank you and goodnight,



21 Apr 2015

Why I Had A Blogging Break

So, in case you hadn't noticed. I didn't blog for a couple of weeks. I have no real excuse for this. Although I do feel a bit like a fake blogger sometimes. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, love the platform and the opportunity and the community, but sometimes it all gets too much for me. A bit like real life, I'm a secret introvert - I'm massively extroverted, most of the time and then sometimes being the loud, chatty, happy friendly person is too much and I need a little lie down away from the all the noise. It's the same with blogging. Sometimes it's just a bit draining.

I know it's my own fault - no one asked me to blog, I choose to do this - but I'm hugely competitive and put so much pressure on myself, even though I have no real desire to do reviews of change bags, or bottles or blinds or much else for that matter. And even though I kind of have some expertise in other areas - social media, recruitment, disability - I kind of feel like those are all covered off by better people and also my blog is not the place for those. So why blog at all really? I just like the opportunity, once in awhile to write something that resonates with other people - from eyeliner, to sleep deprivation to CBeebies. 

I don't know if other bloggers find it draining - those who are pro-bloggers, I have *no idea* how you manage it. Between working p/t, being a mummy/doing most of the childcare plus household chores/cooking/paperwork and the odd gossip with my friends, my time is consumed. Oh and spending some time with husbando and dealing with LO's night wakings, I'm all done in a lot of the time. The thing is, I have the ideas, blog posts come all the time, it's just finding the time to sit and write.

And also, I think it mostly comes down to it taking a lot of confidence to get thoughts down on a blogpost now. Blogging has changed a lot in the 6 years since I started. Although there have always been....unpleasant parts of the internet....the viral nature and mob mentality of social media scares me - and I say that with corporate experience not just personal knowledge of the interwebs. I self censor a lot more now and worry about sensitive topics that could offend people - even common mummy topics like breastfeeding or birth stories.

It's also confidence about my writing as a whole. I just wonder why bother to write, when it's such a time suck away from things I should be doing like laundry or paperwork. I know it's time for me but I often feel like it doesn't show its worth very often. It would almost be better if I did want to review things - I'd have something concrete to show for my time away from other seemingly more productive activities. And I'm still not getting anywhere with my book writing. The blog is excellent procrastination for that! 

So this post is a bit of a brain dump, a bit of an explanation as to not being around, and also a bit of a shout out to other bloggers. Do you feel like this too?

Thank you and goodnight

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7 Apr 2015

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside the Seaside....

We went to Wales to see the outlaws for Easter. One of my plans was to take more pictures of Toddler45 and Husbando together. I know there's a big focus on the mum staying in the picture, but due to OH's working hoours and camera-shyness we don't have many pics of them together.

So here they are on the beach at Aberavon.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter (or Pesach).

Thank you and goodnight,

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